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Your TenantPassport

Your unique TenantPassport allows you to build up a history of your tenancies and show future landlords just how good a tenant you are.

Your TenantPassport includes all these great features and is always FREE, forever.

Your Credit Score

As you pay your rent on time, we inform Experian and they increase your Credit Score. It’s the same that happens for mortgage payers – only now we can include renters.

Your credit score is a good indicator of your ability to pay your rent or mortgage. The higher the score, the better you will be viewed when applying for credit – everything from a mobile phone contract to a mortgage.

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Rent Payments

A record of your rent payments is stored securely in your TenantPassport.
This record boosts your Credit Rating,  increases your TenantScore and shows future landlords that you pay on time.

Your Tenancies

A secure list of your current tenancy, and your previous rentals, is key to your TenantPassport.

You list all these and can securely share them with anyone you’d like – could be a prospective landlord or a mortgage provider.


Your TenantScore

Your TenantScore is a new concept – it is our way of making it simple for landlords to quickly assess your suitability for a property, giving them a good indication of how good a tenant you are.
We calculate your score based on:

  • Affordability
  • Credit Score
  • Number of on-time rental payments


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