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We think it’s unfair that you don’t get rewarded for paying your rent on time, that’s why we created RentalStep.

By signing up for your own RentalStep Tenant Passport here, when you pay your rent on time, you’ll increase your credit rating, which will give you an extra boost when it comes to things like getting on the property ladder and buying your own place. Good idea, right?

What’s more, you’ll be able to rate and review your landlord and the property where you live now. You’ll be able to build up your rental history, which means no more pricey referencing as prospective landlords will be able to see what a great tenant you are.

At RentalStep, we believe that good tenants should not only be rewarded but they shouldn’t incur unfair costs when it comes to moving. That’s why your RentalStep tenant passport will always be free. So what’s stopping you? Sign up here now and be part of the rental revolution!

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Easily enhance your credit score just by paying your rent


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