The rise and fall of the Travel (& Rental) Agent

photo_people_chilling_at_home_mobileIn my late teens, (way back in 1985) myself and 4 of my friends decided to go on a ‘lads holiday’ to Ibiza.

So we went to a few travel agents in Manchester where we picked what we thought was the best deal for us – 2 weeks in San Antonio – what more could we possibly want? Sun, sea, sand, girls and lots of drink. We had a great time!

Of course there was no internet back then, although there was ceefax (google it if you don’t know what it is), so the only real option was to go through a Travel Agent, of which there were many, on every High Street, in every town and city.

Can you imagine it? Having to all go to a shop at the same time to book a holiday that you couldn’t see any reviews about, at a price you couldn’t compare, and not knowing how much that Travel Agent was making on the deal!

The same will happen with Rental Agents

Fast forward to 2030 where a group of people in their twenties are having a lovely meal and laughing at why they used to use Rental Agents when they wanted to move to a different place.

The conversation goes along the lines of “Can you imagine it – we used to find a property we liked online, then we’d pay a Rental Agent a load of money just to print off an agreement that we used to have to sign with a pen”

“And I heard that our landlord paid the same people money each month just to take the payment from us – how bizarre is that”

“Oh, yeh, I remember now – they were mainly Estate Agents that did renting as well, and they had actual shops in most towns and cities”

“Wow, I just can’t imagine how they ever survived”

“Hey, that reminds of something my Dad told me about way back in the past – apparently, there used to be Travel Agents in every town and city which was the only way you could book a holiday!”

Everyone bursts into laughter.

This is what drives us at RentalStep.


Mike Georgeson
Founder & HereToHelp


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