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The Benefits


Save Money

We never charge tenants any fees.

All your referencing, credit checking, ID checks and tenancy agreements are FREE.

Communicate Better

Our transparent message system ensures you and your landlord are kept updated with issues.

No more messages ‘getting lost’ at your agents.


Build Your Credit History

We record all your rent payments and your Landlord or Agent verify these payments. We report this into Experian’s Rental Exchange and your Credit File gets a boost.

Just by paying your rent, you can build your credit history without taking on any additional debt. And it’s free!

You can take a look at your Free Experian Credit Score here.


Increase your Tenant Score

Every time you pay your rent on time and your landlord gives you a good rating, your Tenant Score increases.

We calculate your score based on:

– Number of on-time rent payments
– Rating by your landlord
– Affordability
– Information on your credit report

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