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Tell us a little about you, where you live and your landlord.



Your landlord confirms that you pay your rent on time each month.



We report these to Experian each month and your credit rating goes up.


It’s all part of your free TenantPassport
Which includes…

Your Tenant Score

View your personal Tenant Score and share it with your future landlord so they know how good a tenant you are.

Tenancy Agreement

You and your landlord confirm your Tenancy online, securely, and it doesn’t cost either of you a penny.

Your Credit Score

Keep up to date with your Credit Score displayed directly in your Tenant Passport.

Landlord ratings

Rate your own landlord and review your future landlords.

Find out what to expect before you move in.

Join thousands of renters saving money and boosting their credit score.
It’s free! Forever..

All our services will always be free for tenants.
You pay your rent on time and keep your place tidy so why should we expect you to pay for being a great tenant.

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