Who are we?

mike-no25-500wMike Georgeson
Founder CEO

Leader. Landlord. Ideas man. Likes climbing mountains and skiing down them. Loves people and their passions. And Gin. There is always a solution to be found. Favourite word is ‘Why?’.

chris-outside25Chris Jolley

Rare breed. Techie who likes people. Problem solver and thinker. Writes music as well as code, sees little difference between the two. A challenge makes any day a good day.

Ste-Workshop500x458Hayley McCool Smith
Marketeer extraordinaire

Digital marketing strategist. Marketing guru. We call her the whirlwind. Often be found scribbling ideas on just about anything.

Ste-Workshop500x458Ste Hassall
UX UI design supremo

Design thinker, coder and product designer. Loves collaborating with talented people to create cutting edge-tech. Excited most by the challenge of the unknown.

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